Frequently asked questions

  1. How much Auto insurance do I need?
    Most states require you to carry a minimum amount of Liability insurance and also provide proof of insurance to register a vehicle or renew your license. In the case of an accident, the minimum Liability insurance required by the state may not be enough coverage to pay for the damages that result after an accident. In this case, the driver responsible for the accident may have to pay additional expenses out of pocket. To determine how much Auto insurance you need, consider: The value of your assets How and when you drive What you drive Who is in the car with you
  2. How can I compare Auto insurance quotes?
    Looking for Auto insurance quotes can be confusing. When you get an Auto insurance quote from Farmers, we will guide you every step of the way to help you choose the amount of insurance that you determine to best fit your needs. Farmers can also compare rates with other top companies in just minutes to see who is offering the best price.
  3. What can I do to lower my Auto insurance costs?
    While there are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of your premium, there are some things you can do to help reduce it. The car you drive will greatly affect your premium. To lower your Auto insurance costs, you may consider switching automobiles and driving a safer, slightly older, or less valuable vehicle. The more your vehicle is worth, the more it can cost to insure it. If you don’t want to change cars, you can modify your vehicle to make it safer or lower-risk by adding anti-theft devices or features like anti-lock brakes. In addition, selecting a higher deductible and ensuring that your coverage doesn’t lapse may help you keep your Auto insurance costs down.
  4. How much would it cost to rebuild my home at today's prices?
    Your home is probably the single largest investment you'll ever make. By insuring your home, you are helping to protect your investment. Estimating the cost to rebuild your home will help you decide the amount of insurance you’ll want to purchase. The primary factors that’ll determine the cost to rebuild your home include: Local construction costs The square footage of your home (and the number of bathrooms and other rooms) The type of exterior wall construction – frame, masonry (brick or stone) or veneer The type of roof The number of floors (one to four stories, bi-level or split level) Special features like attached garages, fireplaces, exterior trim and arched windows Quality of materials and finishes throughout the home
  5. What would it cost to replace the contents or personal belongings of my home?
    If the unexpected happens, losing your home contents could be distressing as well as financially devastating. Your Farmers homeowners, Townhouse, Condo and Renters policies cover the loss of your personal belongings, subject to the policy limits and conditions. There are two distinct ways to insure your personal possessions: Replacement cost coverage. This coverage pays you the dollar amount needed to replace personal property without any deduction for depreciation, but is limited to a maximum dollar amount. Actual cash value. This coverage pays you an amount equal to the replacement value of damaged property minus depreciation. Unless a homeowners policy specifies that property is covered for its replacement value, the coverage is for actual cash value.
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