Commercial Property Insurance
What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Whether you're the owner of a building, or a tenant leasing space from a landlord, getting the correct Commercial Property Insurance coverage is critically important. The James Jenkins Agency has resources and connections with more than 70 insurance companies to help protect ALL types of commercial property. Here are some of the benefits of Commercial Property Insurance.
Typical Commercial Property Coverage
Building Coverage
​Regardless of the age, size or purpose of your building, it has specific needs and should be covered accurately. There are many factors that can influence how your insurance program covers your building, including coinsurance, valuation method, depreciation, your policy form, your endorsement options, and more.

Business Property
Your business relies on many items to run at peak efficiency. These include furniture, computers/technology, tools, equipment and many other items. Every business insurance policy provided by the James Jenkins Agency covers the property of your business. For more expensive or valuable items, we can provide a specific replacement value, so you're not left with a gap in coverage when you file a claim.

Equipment Breakdown
​Covers expenses associated with any equipment or system on your premises that is directly involved in the operation of your business. Many types of business are dependent on equipment of various kinds to be able to operate at normal levels. More complex or expensive equipment can be listed by name on the policy, to make sure your coverage is always what you expect and want it to be.

Improvements and Upgrades
​Whether you're the owner of a property, or the tenant, you're going to want coverage for the build out and improvements you make to the building. Also, on occasion, you may be required by building codes or local regulations to make upgrades to the property. Coverage for these mandatory upgrades are included by default in our property policies.